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We can’t change people, we can’t change events, but we can change our attitudes towards others and about situations that life puts on our path. Being accompanied throughout change, with objectives determined beforehand and results measured afterwards, enables one to remain within realistic bounds, centred and efficient.

We can well manage only what we know. Psychology applied to management and human resources in companies and administrations enables personnel to better understand themselves and therefore others, as well as understanding how behaviours and beliefs function and interact within ourselves and with others.

Our training packages and individual and group coaching sessions propose a global approach of the personality, taking into account all of its facets and functions, to enable :

  • Communicating in a sincere and authentic fashion, whether in the competitive business world or elsewhere
  • Being the orchestra leader of one’s emotions, reactions, stress, fears and personal conflicts
  • Putting into proper perspective all of one’s character traits, roles, qualities, weaknesses, needs, limits, motivations and desires
  • Listening to thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, but also to imagination, intuition and creativity
  • Hearing not only our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations, but also our imagination, intuition and creativity
  • Inventing new solutions with larger and more innovative options
  • Feeling more comfortable in situations and relationships, even when faced with difficult people

We have emotions, thoughts, physical sensations, but we are not our emotions or thoughts. We are more than that.

What purpose would it serve to have favourable winds and currants if we don’t know in which direction to navigate ? Fixing and holding a course requires a certain amount of clear mindedness concerning what we want. Everything is possible if we want it enough. Free will can be developed consciously, just like a muscle.

Training sessions are held in French or English, with a minimum of theory and a maximum of practical exercises, and enable :

  • Acquisition of new experiences and the ensuing maturity
  • Sufficient distance to see more clearly and objectively : oneself, others and life situations
  • Introspection for finding within oneself appropriate solutions and supplementary options, over and beyond purely logical or programmed answers
  • Greater self awareness to better understand others and generate trust and harmony
  • And, in general terms, giving meaning to one’s professional and private life